OOTD - West End Wedding 
(Lots of photos, not sorry)

I went to an amazing wedding on the weekend and had permission to dress as crazy-sexy-cool as I wanted… SO I DID! I was so excited about this outfit and felt so deliciously fat and sassy. So I’m sharing aaaall the details. I’m going to split this post in two, this is just my outfit and I’ll write up about the wedding itself in the next one. 

Dress: Retro Pop from Rue107 - Ooh look, it’s on sale now. I’d been looking for a reason to buy this (from the plus size range), it’s much brighter than I’m usually brave enough to wear but the colours really called to me. After trying it on a bunch of times to test out accessories and various undergarments the bottom hem has started to undo. Otherwise all the sewing is strong and the material is thick enough, tight but not too clingy. 

Bra - Charlotte by Fayreform in Skyway. Yes I know how visible it is, I decided to embrace that visibility as I’m yet to find a strapless up to the task. Corsets are usually my best option but that just wasn’t going to work with this. I don’t think you can get the skyway colour anymore but I definitely recommend the style as super comfy and well fitting for as over-endowed ladies. 

Shrug - Pretty sure I bought this at a garage sale. The brand is Yours 

Bag - from Adorne. I can’t find it online anywhere so it must have been old stock. Sorry 

Shoes - Lily by Windsor Smith. Changed my mind about my shoes too many times to count but in the end these worked well with the amount of walking and vigorous dancing we did. 

Stockings - Tuscan Blue Opaques by Ambra. Their sizing chart is a bit off. What should have fitted me well, maybe even loosely, barely went on. However, they were the perfect colour to match the blue in the dress so I persevered.

Nails - OH BOY, I had fun with this. The heart pattern is fun to do and not too hard. This tutorial from Polish Pals shows the technique quite clearly.  

Base & Top Coat: Seche Clear, Seche Vite
Thumb -> Pinkie

1. Orly - Shockwave
2. Orly - Frisky
3. Orly - Flirty
China Glaze - Dandy Lyin’ Around  + all the other colours
5. China Glaze - Budding Romance
For more of my nails go here

Necklace - A Hacklock original of course! The pink is my first success making a hollow bead and I promise I will be making a lot more. The mint one I made all scrunchy and random like a pom pom and the dark blue one is adorned with a couple of different styles of flower and was really intense to make.

LipstickCentrifuschia by Lime Crime. Not totally sold on this brand I have some issues with it but this one is a great colour and formula

Okay I think I’ve covered absolutely everything. This was such a great day and I received some of the sweetest compliments I’ve ever had. I think “you look like candy!” was my favourite


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