Boy Beardy and the Beardy Boys

Some time ago a very talented friend and I were discussing the idea of some kind of creative collaboration. He’s an illustrator and I’m a clay magician, it’s not the most likely duo but we both love each others work. Then inspiration struck as he was putting together an exhibition concept.

It was going to be a very sexy show and at first I was wondering how the hell I could be involved. Then I got a set of face designs that tied in with the faces in the portraits. BRILLIANT! I then made those faces into pendants and brooches by hand. These were to be available to buy at the launch and available for that exhibition only (any left over went up on Etsy.) In the end I made 24, half as pendants and half as brooches with a range of skin and hair colour. The resulting rainbow collection of faces was so satisfying to look at! I called them the Beardy Boys.

The exhibition, called Faggots and Peas, had possibly the best Facebook event description I’ve ever seen. This was a launch for the sexy alto ego Boy Beardy as well as the work that went with it.

The exhibition itself was great fun. Here are some photos of the Beardy Boys on display and some happy customers. I’m so very mad at myself for not taking better photos of the whole collection before they started to sell. They were so popular, it was quite humbling.

The Beardy Boy prototype

Beardy Boys under construction

On Display

Happy Customer Mem (also wearing my Sub Sandwich Necklace)

Happy Customers!

Boy Beardy’s special Birthday edition Beardy Boy. Pretty proud of myself for keeping this one secret till BB’s Birthday

*From Wikipedia: A popular dish is “Faggots and Peas”. This is a common combination in the Black Country area of the West Midlands, especially so since the 18th century industrialisation onwards, but also for hundreds of years prior. It is still common to see small butchers’ shops in the area selling faggots to their own (sometimes secret) recipe for a cheap price. Commonly, the faggot consists of pork liver and heart minced, wrapped in bacon, with onion and breadcrumbs. Often, the faggot should be cooked in a crock, with gravy and served with peas and mashed potato.

from Boy Beardy and the Beardy Boys


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