Polymer Clay as Art

I find that once people hear I work with polymer clay and understand that I am talking about Fimo they get that look in their eye that says “oh, yeah, I played with that when I was little.” They mentally categorize it next to finger painting and making cars out of egg cartons.
Yes that’s nice dear, I’m sure you make LOVELY colourful blobs.

I don’t consider myself a high level artist yet (I’m working on it) but I feel that PC is just as valid an artistic medium as paint. The same way paint can do this

it can also make a picture like this

It’s what you do with it!

Here are some polymer clay artists I really admire and I think take that clay well into the realms of art

Meredith Dittmar

Her website

There’s a good article about her work and interview here and here

These sculptures fascinate me. They are intricate, expressive and you don’t see a hint of the standard and overused polymer clay techniques.

Shay Aaron

Flickr Site and Etsy Store
An interview with Shay here 

The world of miniature food making with polymer clay is a highly populated one but Shay stands out from the pack with work that boggles the mind with it’s detail and scale.

Del Moro

Del is a Russian Artist and as far as I can work out, I think this is her main site but there is also this one.
Livejournal and Flickr page

Pier Voulkus

Some pictures of her work here

Artist Profile here

Pier was one of the first people to take Polymer Clay from a children’s toy to new use as an accepted art material and is considered one pf PC’s Greats. She discovered a lot more about the properties of the clay and what it was capable of. She has pieces in a permanent museum collection on the history of Polymer Clay at the Racine Art Museum in Wisconsin.

After this I might start doing regular posts highlighting artists that I discover. Would you be interested in reading that?


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